So: pretty pretty princesses


So today I’m back at DFW. Yes, I’m aware that it’s Saturday, a day normally filled with household tasks, digging in the dirt, perhaps taking a sewing or gardening class.

Not today. As you might guess from the photo, we cashed in some frequent flyer miles. We’re headed to California to hang out with two of the cutest three year olds we know. We’re going to have an action-packed weekend of playing My Lil Pony, Barbies, and tea party. Maybe we’ll color. Or finger paint.

The last time I saw my brother’s daughters was when they were under two. Yes, bad auntie hasn’t seen the twins in over a year. Well, in-person that is. My brother and sister-in-law frequently email me photos. I often print them out and hang them on my office cabinet.

Hanging the photos of Eva and Katia along with my almost 5 year old godson Ben is confusing for many people. New hires often ask me about my “kids” and I launch into stories about the 3G Network. You should see their puzzled faces!

Or, I say offhandedly “oh I don’t have any.” Those who are brave usually say something like, “but who are those children?”

And I laugh. Because the twins do look a lot like me. Duh. Their dad and I are always quickly recognized as siblings when we’re together. Even my godson looks a bit like me with his pale skin and dark hair.

But I am just the aunt to these three amazing kids. I get to play with them, spoil them with fun (perhaps noisy and messy) gifts, and then leave when they’re wound up, overtired and hopped up on sugar.

In just over three hours two little girls will shriek with joy when Uncle Bruce gives them matching pink and purple stuffed ponies. We’ll practice our princess waves. I can’t wait to see Uncle Bruce in a tiara. Apparently my brother looks quite fetching in one too.


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