So: sick

I’m sick.

Bruce will tell you that I’ve been grumpy every night for the past few days so he knew something was up. I stayed home from work today and tried to work a bunch of the time. I did some stuff but frankly I wasn’t my most productive or effective.

I tried to nap this afternoon and was successful for an hour or so–until the phone rang and then when my call was over, Guinness felt the need to protect us from garbage trunk invasion. So much for sleep.

It’s hot here in Dallas by January standards — 76 degrees at 5:30 pm! But I am cold.

Watery eyes, cough, runny and stuffy nose, headache, stuffy head are my symptoms. I’ve been consuming lots of fluids, trying to rest. I don’t feel like reading or watching tv and the computer hurts my eyes.

Yes, I’ll go to bed early like I have been doing every night since Thursday.

This time the cold has won. Hopefully it doesn’t linger for a long time. One silver lining: at least I don’t have chicken pox like Barbara Walters (I had it when I was in 8th grade).


14 thoughts on “So: sick

  1. Don’t like clicking ‘like’ when you’re sick. We need more choices. Fluids, rest. Fluids, rest. Chicken soup would be good, too. Too bad I don’t live near you. I’d make you some and bring it over. Do not go to work. Stay in bed. Sleep. It’s the best thing. And feel better soon.


  2. Hovered over “like” but love the honesty of the post Julie, hope you are much better at this juncture – no real remedy to recommend except hot scotch with brown sugar – perhaps Bruce can mix you a large glass.


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