So: DIY weekend

So…we’re home this weekend. We’re not sick, that is, beyond our usual allergies caused by living in America’s dustpan. We are not entertaining. I don’t have to work.

Bruce just informed me that it’s going to rain all weekend and my plans of seeding the Urban Farm’s salad greens, carrots, beets and beans are kaput.

What does that mean?


The Mortroski Midcentury was built in 1966. It is unfortunate but the previous owner felt that generically modernizing what I imagine were funky bathrooms was the way to get the house sold. As a result, we have many plans for our abode.

And some of them have been started already. They are currently “in progress”.

Take our barbecue station. Bruce was a short order cook in a past life and enjoys grilling. Since arriving in Texas, he also experimented with smoking. As you can imagine, he has also accumulated a bunch of related implements, utensils and other accoutrements. I support this wholeheartedly since it means less food preparation and more eating for me.


Over the Christmas holidays, we both had time off so we built an amazing rolling cabinet to hold everything and tiled the countertop.

Except we need to adjust the drawer. Finesse the doors. Grout the tile. Sand the rough edges. Paint the whole thing red to match our back doors (I’m predicting it will take 3 coats based on past history with painting things red).


And as Bruce says, since the table saw will be out anyway, we might just as well work out our bathroom wall.

Back in August we decided to optimize the laundry room and the attached bathroom. It involved sealing up a door, drywalling, installing a pocket door, installing cabinets, tiling on walls, countertops and floors. We are still not done working on the bathroom, laundry room or office (the result of being adjoined to the bathroom).

It’s ok.

The wall mentioned is a dimensional wall. We will be taking MDF and cutting it to different lengths, applying it to the wall, then painting it bright white. This particular bathroom is not large but until we started working on it, the only character it had was purchased on sale at Home Depot.

Our aim is to add a bit of funkiness and fun back to it. Once the wood is installed, we’ll give it a couple costs of paint, add another towel rack, and we will have added master bathroom #2 to the house. Or an office restroom for a future home-based business.

Then it’s on to finish the laundry room. Another story for another weekend.

Did I mention we have a sewing class on Saturday morning?


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