So: plan change

So, tonight Bruce and I were supposed to have a date night and go to the Nasher Sculpture Center for the Frank Gehry designed Ken Price Retrospective.

Check it out– it looks pretty cool and we were excited to visit this beautiful museum and garden at night. If you come to Dallas, you must go there.

Instead, we’re home. I picked up a pizza. Bruce uncorked an inexpensive vino. We’re emptying the DVR.

Godiva’s sick.


The brown one. The pack leader. The sweet and sensitive girl.

The one who was so upset and embarrassed to have not one, but six accidents today. Of course, scattered about the house, mostly on the freshly cleaned carpet. (Thanks to Bruce and the Bissel SpotBot for cleaning up before I got home.)

And Tracy (she lets the Gs out at lunch time) also found several accidents in the kitchen. (She cleaned them up and texted us right away to let us know that things were not right with Godiva. She also gave her some medicine.)

Poor pup. She has the most sensitive constitution. It could be anything…or nothing. This happens every so often. We always try to figure out what happened, what was different, what she ate, to no avail.

She really seems ok now. Tail wags fine. Belly still needs to be rubbed. All three Gs are snoozing, a normal thing when the two-leggeds are watching the glowing box.

We’ll be watching Godiva through the night, half sleeping in case the door needs to be opened at 3 am. Hopefully she’s fine tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “So: plan change

    • Godiva is much better today–lively and playing with George. She and George have destroyed a new toy, tried to con me out of my breakfast (didn’t work), and just seems better overall. Right now she’s trying to get George to chase her.


      • Maybe she just had a little bug. Like we get. Glad she’s better. I hate it when my furry babies are out of sorts.


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