Sow: planning ahead

As I mentioned yesterday, many plans for this weekend got changed because of the weather. Yesterday’s dramatic temperature change and misty conditions stopped us from dragging the power tools out and setting up our dusty and noisy shop in the driveway and garage. The cart and bathroom wall will have to wait until conditions are better for electricity and humans.

The weather change also meant that what I had planned for the garden today had to happen yesterday afternoon, especially since at one point, the weather folks were reporting that last night was going to be cold enough to cover the garden.

Besides a freeze, I was also worried about the thunderstorm predicted during the night because hail was mentioned. Around here, hail is a typical occurrence and it’s usually golf ball-sized and plant smashing.

Next weekend is when tomato transplants need to get planted (I know FEBRUARY! Weird, eh?) and I’m going to plant a bunch of spring seeds (salad greens, carrots, beets, beans, peas, not sure what else) as well. I have next Monday off so it can be a completely awesome outside day.

One of the things I needed to do is say goodbye to my heirloom red romaine and pick the romanesco broccoli. Here’s the final product of the cool chartruse romanesco broccoli which I will not be growing again (low yield and also it’s cauliflower which I am very allergic to):



little but very pretty romanesco broccoli

little but very pretty romanesco broccoli

It’s fun to bring freshly harvested stuff to friends when they invite us over for dinner (no wine bag today, no time, that’s tomorrow’s blog), so I made sure to harvest plenty to share. Here are some of the photos that I took of the garden yesterday and some of the things I brought to our friend:


de pierre heirloom lettuce


the small kales


purple brussels sprouts


the second batch of chard after the first batch croaked


celery experiment: pinterest tells me if you plant your celery end, you can grow a new celery plant. tried it during the summer and well, it didn’t work, but this one looks like it’s gonna happen.


spinach plot #1


spinach plot #2


spinach plot #3




parsley, oregano, scallions, romanesco broccoli, collards, spinach, sage, kale


chard, kale, chives, red romaine, de pierre lettuce


mixed salad greens

So as I mentioned our weekend did not go as intended. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog and you’ll see our big completely unplanned project.




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