So: gratitude

IMG_0023Thank you.

I appreciate that you are reading my blog. There’s lots to read on WordPress and elsewhere on the Internet, so thank you for stopping here.

I really enjoy reading your comments. I enjoy reading your blogs too, although sometimes I can’t think of a witty comment or much more than a sincere “thanks for sharing”. Or a like. I’m learning a lot and I thank you for your wonderful writing.

As I covered the raised beds tonight in the Urban Farm (it’s going to be below 40° F tonight), I thought how nice it is that you’re interested enough in my adventures in gardening to  comment on the photos and words that I’m putting out there. And offer suggestions, comments and kudos.

I think it’s great you’re encouraging my evenings with Morty (the sewing machine) and that you think wine bags are a step in the right direction to develop some real sewing skills.

So thank you. I appreciate you!


6 thoughts on “So: gratitude

  1. I love your blog! I don’t read blogs normally, but yours is like having a little visit with Julie, which is always a pleasure. Also, I garden vicariously through you, and not just because you have a longer growing season…


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