So: gratitude

IMG_0023Thank you.

I appreciate that you are reading my blog. There’s lots to read on WordPress and elsewhere on the Internet, so thank you for stopping here.

I really enjoy reading your comments. I enjoy reading your blogs too, although sometimes I can’t think of a witty comment or much more than a sincere “thanks for sharing”. Or a like. I’m learning a lot and I thank you for your wonderful writing.

As I covered the raised beds tonight in the Urban Farm (it’s going to be below 40ยฐ F tonight), I thought how nice it is that you’re interested enough in my adventures in gardening to ย comment on the photos and words that I’m putting out there. And offer suggestions, comments and kudos.

I think it’s great you’re encouraging my evenings with Morty (the sewing machine) and that you think wine bags are a step in the right direction to develop some real sewing skills.

So thank you. I appreciate you!


6 thoughts on “So: gratitude

  1. I love your blog! I don’t read blogs normally, but yours is like having a little visit with Julie, which is always a pleasure. Also, I garden vicariously through you, and not just because you have a longer growing season…


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