So: started with fabric 2


Today we continued work on the Mortroski Midcentury Lounge. First order of the day was to install the firescreen/doors. We really haven’t used our fireplace at all since we moved here, partially because we weren’t sure if the tree limb over the chimney was ok, but also because we were not comfortable with just a chain screen separating curious dogs and dog toys from the flame.

The tree has been examined and adjusted by an arborist so we are green lighted to turn on the gas!

We’re very happy with this solution. It should also help with energy efficiency by adding an additional barrier against the surface of the sun heat we get here.


Next we hung the rod and curtains. Happily we do not have to hem the bottom but we do still need to attach the panels in twos (we have 4). On tomorrow’s to-do list!



The Gs were good supervisors. Even stoned Guinness wanted to be near the action. (He’s doing much better and even mustered a run to the front window and some barking at a neighbor dog this afternoon. Thank you for your wishes–the medicine and rest are working well for him.)

Tomorrow we have fine tuning to do: caulking, touching up, cleaning, pillow fluffing. And we’ll have a whole new room by the end of the weekend.


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