So: odd day

Today was an odd day.

People in my life who are normally confident professionals were not, even though they are exceptional at what they do.

It was very cold, then warm, now it’s on the verge of cold (time for frost cloth again so this will be a short post).

Weird things happened. I stopped at the grocery store after work and got chatted up by a 20-something chef with a flip phone who wanted to show me photos of his Sicilian-Mexican food. Yes, I was wearing a wedding ring. But it’s clear he wasn’t very observant since he thought my cart full of diy breakfast taco bar ingredients (I have breakfast duty tomorrow at work) and chocolate fondue fixings (ladies’ pinterest party on Saturday afternoon) signaled that I was a mom. Huh?

There was a plethora of chaos today. Confusion and controversy ran rampant. Coming home after a long day was a relief.

However, it was a little like the olden days of my career path: I spent most of it writing.

It was a surreal day. Hopefully such a day was not had by all.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to tuck the plants in for the night.


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