Sow: happy hour

After work today, Bruce and I went to a happy hour at North Haven Gardens, our favorite garden center. Yes, happy hour. Yes, the kind with snacks and wine. And tons of plants. We were surprised to see how many people were there, but as Bruce pointed out people like free drinks on a Friday night.


We grabbed a glass of wine and headed out to the vegetable transplants to pick out our eight tomato transplants and some rosemary to plant tomorrow. There was a pop-up class on tomato planting but after all of our tomato training we were feeling pretty ok with selecting our plants.

We also had a look at their display vegetable beds and found these guys next to them:



So Bruce decided to get me some poultry too:



IMG_3994Believe me, I’d like real chickens, but I think the 3G Network might love them more. So for now, this metal rooster to put in the garden will have to do. If you ask me, it’s better than flowers and quieter than real chickens.




2 thoughts on “Sow: happy hour

    • Oh we got there at 5:45 (it had been on for 15 min) and the appetizers were almost gone. Plenty of dead soldiers on the bar with not that many full bottles remaining. Looked like they would be having to offer beer to everyone who showed up at 6!


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