Sow: spring 2013 tomatoes


Today was finally a perfect tomato planting day. It was sunny, beautiful, and a weekend day.

The 8 tomato plants were purchased at the garden happy hour on Friday. Bruce got to choose this time.

Saturday was very cold so the plants lived in Bruce’s truck Friday night and Saturday in the garage. But today was pretty perfect so we spent the entire afternoon outside.

Celebrity. Sweet 100. Burpee Big Boy. Cherokee purple. We planted two of each. We also decided to do a little experiment and one of the celebrity,big boy and Cherokee purple were given a tomato tray which supposedly helps with water, fertilizing, and pests. We’ll know sometime in the coming months if that helps or not.



We planted, fertilized and mulched. And now we can dream of a fantastic tomato harvest.


We also planted two rosemary plants to replace the one we had that croaked:


And some mesclun since I harvested the washtub today. I’m really hoping all this lettuce that I’m planting doesn’t happen all at once!




6 thoughts on “Sow: spring 2013 tomatoes

  1. Hi Julie, hope I am going the right way about this.
    I am nominating you for The One lovely Blog Award/The Very Inspiring blogger Award.
    As you were kind enough to nominate me I will leave out going through the rules.
    Thanks again.


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