Sow: bloom


This photo doesn’t do the daffodils justice, unfortunately. My poor phone’s flash didn’t light up the darkness very well, did it? Still, it gives you the idea that they are finally blooming after teasing us for the past two weeks. They are planted in big clumps in the front yard and look to be on the verge of springing forth. I’m dying to see what they look like all in bloom—hopefully this weekend they will be in full glorious flower. They are coming up for the very first time since they were planted in January and as the years pass, the clumps will get bigger. Should be fantastic!

This morning during the tomato uncovering (it was around at 40°F at 5 am which was the coldest time of the day, but I am definitely not taking any chances with the spring tomato crop so I covered Raised Bed #4) and seedling watering, I noticed a lot more little sprouts. Still no carrots popping up, but more radishes and beets. The garlic cloves that were sprouting on the kitchen counter that I buried in a big pot have poked through the surface. And the celery is still going strong. The various lettuces seem to be doing really well, but the peas are worrying me since they are sprouting slowly.

I’m feeling a bit slow myself.

Seeing the tonight daffodils perked me up, but the past few days have been crazy at work and I haven’t been getting home as early as I would like. Or that the Gs would like. They aren’t all that impressed with me when I work late since I don’t like walking all three of them once it gets dark. I find that people are just not as careful as they should be as they rush home or to their kids’ activities and we don’t have sidewalks on our street. On the plus side, I’ve been doing a lot of fun things at work—and lots of writing, which is a nice bonus.

But there’s a bigger plus for tonight: Bruce will be back from his business travels any minute.



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