I’d like to say I’m happy to see Friday winding down and the weekend starting, but truthfully, I wish it was still Thursday, The Gateway to the Weekend(tm).*

You see, I still have a lot of work to do that we optimistically thought could be finished and finalized today. And there are only two days in the weekend. The weekend is for gardening and DIY projects on the house, maybe enjoying a nice meal and the company of friends.

Not this weekend.

This weekend is for 1) stopping by my doctor’s walk in clinic to see if they can eliminate my stuffy nose, 2) writing a bunch of ads and refining the tv spots I wrote yesterday and today, and 3) panicking about what to wear to the big presentation on Wednesday. It may also involve a quick shopping trip if my closet doesn’t offer an acceptable wardrobe choice.

Speaking of wearing for those of you who remember my red dress search and how much I dislike shopping, here’s an update: I never got to wear it because I had the flu. My favorite is sitting in my closet; the others are in my car waiting to get returned (bad Julie).

But I digress.

On weeks like these I am thankful for the gift of being able to string words together in entertaining and actionable ways. And I’m thankful that after a good night’s sleep the words will flow better than they are right now.

Good night, sweet readers.

*Years ago I worked on Durex and we had a campaign to own Wednesday as Hump Day. Poor Thursday needed a special name too, hence the words I have strung together here.


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