So: almost Guinness’ birthday


We don’t know when Guinness was born. And we don’t know his birthday. But in our house, it’s Sunday. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day. Only seems fitting, given his name.

Except in our house we don’t drink green beer until we’re stupid. Our tradition is to have a Guinness with Guinness. As you can see from the photo, you can see the big boy is rather antisocial.

The Gs will have a dog birthday cake made by our friends at the 3 Dog Bakery. Just a little one so they all get a taste. It’s a nice treat and a fairly healthy option (not like a people cake) designed for dogs. Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll take photos.

PS: this post is for Julia who specifically asked me for more posts about the Gs. You will also get your wish on the 17th.

(all: I sorry to say that I’m still lagging from the joys of business travel. Can’t say I was impressive at the office today. So it’s a short one tonight. Did you know Bruce’s post was the blog’s all-time greatest day in terms of readers? Must get him to write again soon!)


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