So: birthday projects


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or as I like to think of it, Guinness’ birthday. Of course, since he was a stray, we have no idea when he was born, but it made sense to give him March 17 as a birthday given his name.

It was a great day to be Guinness. He had his dog cake from Three Dog Bakery and shared with Godiva and George. He went for an extra long walk this morning and played with Edgar the schnauzer. He also spent most of the day outside with us and got really close to catching a squirrel. And he mooched some fajitas too. (He’s also passed out on the sofa right now. In fact all of the Gs are passed out from exhaustion.)

I would also like to pass out.

My bottom is sore from squatting. It was manual labor weekend and we got a number of projects completed and a few closer to completion. Tons of outdoor work happened. The yard is looking great. The farm is growing like crazy. It was awesome to pick so much delicious stuff this weekend.

The weather is amazing. Shorts and t-shirts weather. Windows open weather. Hopefully it’s here to stay.

Projects complete:
1. Ikea light wood stool converted into Kraft Dinner orange end table for living room
2. BBQ cart for all of Bruce’s big green egg stuff now has a grouted tile countertop, pull out shelves, and bright red paint. It just needs to have its white trim painted but it already looks great
3. Dug a fence post hole, poured concrete and hung hinges so we can open up another gate in our fence over by the plum and peach trees
4. Got a dual action composter so we can turn our plant scraps into fuel for the urban farm
5. Plans for office and laundry room are finalized. All materials are purchased and we are going to begin the big deal work this week. We are on deadline now with the office since the pad for the bamboo is back ordered but will be ready for pickup in a week.

Whew! Good thing tomorrow is Monday so we can rest.


3 thoughts on “So: birthday projects

  1. I don ‘t know how you are still functioning. If you have epsom salts I’d recommend a soak tonight. So you can move tomorrow. Especially your butt. Sounds like Guiness and the rest of the Gs had a great day!


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