So: birthday

Today is my birthday. I’m 44 now.

So far it’s been absolutely wonderful.

After taking me out for dinner last night, Bruce made me a lovely breakfast, then he put together my birthday gift:




It’s a dual action composter! Awesome! Every girl wants one, right?

I’m so excited to compost again. It’s over by the peach and plum trees.



It will be such a big help with the urban farm and also provide an ongoing compost supply for the farm.

Besides composter assembly, it’s been an action-packed day. We’ve continued the reign of terror on the 1990s renovations to the Mortroski Midcentury. The office is gutted and ready for some serious wall work and staining tomorrow, furniture has been relocated to the spare bedroom:


Despite a blustery, thundery morning, I got the peppers (jalapeño, poblano and bell) and basil in:




So it’s almost time for cupcakes. I’m celebrating my birthday tonight with two other March birthday girls at a little party. Don’t tell, I cheated and made these:


But they look pretty tasty:


We will be turning off the lights for this:


It was an awesome birthday filled with lots of fun and plenty of my favorite things. Hope you had a fabulous day too!


14 thoughts on “So: birthday

  1. Looks like Bruce would not have gotten the composters together with help from Godiva and Guiness, though. It’s all very impressive — the composters and the garden. And the cupcakes look yummy! Enjoy the rest of your birthday.


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