So: more destruction

Yesterday, in addition to being my birthday was a day of demolition and projects.

After last night’s March birthday celebration, at which I tried to learn how to two step (thanks Grammar Belle), danced to an eclectic mix of country/hip hop/Canadian pop/top 40, and stayed up too late, I was not feeling my most fabulous this morning. Probably had nothing to do with the birthday cake flavored drink served a tiny cup (shout out to awesome hostess and fellow birthday gal Aly).

But being the trooper I am, I rallied. You see, Bruce was a man with a plan. Once a month the city of Dallas has bulk trash pick up and it’s the only way you can dispose of carpet unless you take it to the dump yourself (or pay someone to do so).

So we spent a big chunk of today making this pile:


We pulled up our living room and dining room carpet to see if we were going to lay the bamboo flooring ourselves. It will be the same as the office (and the rest of the house).

Unfortunately it looks to be a job better left to the pros only because there are some seriously low spots that will require leveling. And also we uncovered some high spots near the tiled entry.

But still, we did all of the carpet removal prep, including pulling up all of the smooth edge. My most important job (in my opinion anyway) was vacuuming with the giant shop vac:


That way we can put the furniture back and the Gs can run around without hurting their paws. I will be vacuuming the rest of the house with the shop vac since our regular vac blew its cord yesterday.

After that, I think I’ll take several of my friends’ advice and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Seems like the right way to finish an awesome weekend.


3 thoughts on “So: more destruction

  1. Holy shit!! I cannot believe all those bags and all that carpet. I don’t understand how the two of you are not passed out somewhere. WOW!!


    • The bags are leaves from last weekend mostly. One of the bags has smooth edge bits and other destruction debris in it. Bruce is actually outside blowing leaves off the patio–we took the Gs to do errands with us and I stayed in the truck with them to write today’s post. So we’re not relaxing yet.


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