so: rule

Another day “off” tomorrow. A vacation day with the “off” in quotes. Not a day for sleeping in. Or sitting on the porch reading a book. Not relaxing.

It’s been an “off” week too. Strange weather. Dead plants. Work disappointment. Political b.s.

Perhaps that’s why tonight is not a good night for writing. A blockage is happening. Or is it apathy? Sloth? The siren song of bad tv calls. So does a pillow.


Last night, while talking with a friend on the phone, she mentioned that once a week, she goes to bed at 8:30 whether she needs to or not. She looks forward to that night. Of course, there’s a very good reason for looking forward to it: she is the mom of a very busy almost 5 year old and that early-to-bed night is as close to “me time” as she usually gets. And she wakes up after her night of extra sleep feeling ready to deal with whatever comes her way. If she skips it, she’s “off”. Not her usual happy self. Not as nice to be around. Not at her best.

Not being at my best almost meant the rule for the blog got vetoed tonight. Writing every day is the rule. So this post is what happened.

And tomorrow is another day.


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