So: floored

making progress

making progress

After waking up this morning and actually being able to move fine, although a little stiffly, I knew today would mean more progress in our office reno. The carpet’s been gone about a month so today we installed the carbonized bamboo. Last weekend Bruce ripped down the paneling after we both realized that if we didn’t take it down, we’d want to later. Only going to do this room once!

Bruce the installer

Bruce the installer with Godiva photo bomb

Bruce used to install flooring with his cousin Joe when he was in high school and university so this is not a new DIY thing for us. For example, we installed bamboo in our master bedroom in our last house and I swear we’ve tiled at least 4 bathrooms together.

Bamboo just takes time, effort, knowledge, and a very colorful vocabulary of profanity available on demand (like when boards fall on your hand, you rub off one of the blisters gained during sodding, you get a big bamboo splinter wedged in your right middle finger, you make a whole pile of glue squirt up between the boards, etc.).

another view of progress

another view of progress: the lonely computer

All in it took us 6 hours to carry large boxes of boards (about 50 lbs. a pop), carry huge vats of glue, cut boards, apply glue, hook the boards together (they’re tongue and groove so they snap together), swear, wipe off glue, swear, bang boards together, find tools, cut more boards, cut trim so the boards fit under it, etc. I’m sure there’s more to talk about, but after waking up tired from sodding this morning, you’d better believe that I’m exhausted now.

And surprised once again, that I actually can type. No promises tomorrow though. After two days in a row of hard physical  labor, I’m a bit of a mess. My arms are scratched from carrying boards. My wrists are sore. Even my fingers are tired. But I did not break a single nail (shocker!). That is only important since I am traveling next week — to see clients, go to a conference, attend an awards dinner, and to see my pal/sorority sister Laura (she writes Ps, Qs, and Ws). I thought it would be nice to have pretty nails for a change especially since I’ll be dressing a bit up for the awards dinner.

the finished product

the finished product

But it was worth it today, wasn’t it? The floor looks beautiful, doesn’t it? But I know it’s hard to get past the walls and the unstained desk and cabinet, not to mention the lack of furniture.

So next up: sanding and staining the desk and cabinets, painting the walls, adding another shelf above the computer. We are hoping to do some of this tomorrow, but it will depend on Bruce’s knees, our overall soreness, and how late the Gs let us sleep in.


10 thoughts on “So: floored

    • I’ll say! But we are kicking back and relaxing now. After eating dinner (fajitas) at 9 pm, we’ve got to stay awake for a bit to let it digest. So we’re enjoying a bit of wine and emptying the DVR. This Old House is on now…LOL

      My retired dad says he’s trying to burn out, not rust out whenever people question the crazy trips (like a mule ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon) and schedule (golf golf and more golf) he keeps. Guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree…or I married someone like my dad!


      • Boring! Besides we really want to get the office back in order so we can use it again. It’s Guinness’s favorite place for naps and I prefer to watch tv there. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going and get more of our home projects done before it gets too hot.


      • i forgot about how hot it gets in your neck of the woods. I sure admire your get up and go. And your know-how. I’d be dead and I don’t mean tired. Plus I don’t have a clue how to do any of it. Well, carry on, then.


    • Yes, it was hard work, but definitely worth it. This afternoon we’re working on the walls and unfinished desk and cabinets. I’m hoping by the end of next weekend we can move the furniture back in and hang stuff on the walls.


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