Sow: flowers

Look! Little yellow blooms!


They will be delicious tomatoes by June. All the tomato plants even the ones that got frosty and black are getting bushy and taller. And flowers mean it’s time to give them some fertilizer.


These will be orange pepper flowers soon. Once they bloom, it’s the same fertilizer treatment for the peppers.


While those leaves don’t have flowers yet, they’ll be quite pretty soon when they’re covered with flowers. The purple pole bean leaves are lovely though.


The peas are getting big too. They’ll be blooming soon.

And I’m really looking forward to seeing the okra flowers when it gets hot. They are purple and white.

You may have guessed that I’m impatient tonight. We are expecting unsettled weather tonight. Lots of wind and rain. I’m hoping that we don’t get hail.



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