So: procrastination

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I’m usually a get it done kind of person. For example we’re having funky weather in Dallas. It’s been raining and unseasonably cold. No hail though. So, while it’s still light I’m covering the raised beds and stock tanks before it gets colder. I’m not putting it off because it’s getting colder quickly.

(By the way, we had our AC on for a little while last night. Now the heat’s going. Welcome to North Texas spring.)

So why the hell have I put off doing my taxes this year? Usually I do them the minute I can because I want to get the refund. Or know what I’m paying.

When I was a US expat living in Canada, I was given an extra month to fill my forms out and mail them in. They were pretty straightforward since the US and Canada have clear cut rules with regard to earning money in each others countries. It was more of a formality than anything since the forms were full of zeros.

This year, I guess I was a little distracted. Seems the weekends were busy. So is this one.

The deadline is Monday.

Guess what I’m doing right after I cover the raised beds and stock tanks…


9 thoughts on “So: procrastination

    • Luckily I keep a file of tax stuff all year and when I need it, it’s just a matter of sorting through it for the right bits of paper. Hopefully I finish up tomorrow night and then I can wipe my hands of this fun activity until next year. Perhaps I’ll go back to my old ways of getting taxes done in January versus close to the deadline in April!


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