So: safety first


My pal that I’ve never met, Lisa Loria, suggested that I bling out the Mike Holmes safety glasses my sweet husband Bruce bought me a few weekends ago when I was using the chop saw a lot. It was office flooring weekend (carbonized bamboo) and I was worried about getting shards in my eyes especially since I got several splinters in my hands.

After mentioning Bruce’s sweet glasses gift on Facebook, my artist pal Lisa said she’d send me some stuff to bling up and girl-a-fy my glasses. One morning this week when I needed a little creativity, I got busy with the packet of cool stuff she sent:


So my glasses have flowers now! Nice!

I have no problems using the various saws and power tools but I am so nearsighted that I do worry about my eyeballs. That’s why both the glasses and the bling were super awesome gifts

In case you were wondering what we were doing today, we had the same bamboo as the office installed in the living/dining room yesterday so I helped Bruce finish it and install trim today. Here’s what it looked like last night:


We will continue to work on the office, laundry, bathroom but after a bit of white paint the living/dining is done! Whoohoo!

It’s been a productive weekend. I’ll submit the taxes tomorrow after Bruce does a quick review. Must pack for the week of travel. Hair’s been de-sparkled and cut. Need to plant and weed tomorrow. Paint is going to happen. Maybe a visit to Northaven Gardens is in order…


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