So: The engagement and wedding day

Julie tells me that a lot of you read my last blog.  Thank you for that.  I promised to write about the engagement and the wedding.

The Engagement

I wanted to make the engagement really special for Julie.  I wanted her to remember where we were engaged, so I asked her about her favorite places in NoCal and she kept on talking about this creek near the Campanile at Berkeley that she used to read and think at.  Yes, Julie is super smart and is a Cal grad with a double major.  I landed in SFO and was headed to San Francisco, but Julie wasn’t feeling well and was tired, so we went to her place.  After dinner, I got down on my knees in her cramped eat in kitchen.  I said my well rehearsed proposal and, of course, she said yes (Psst, we are married).  We called her parents to tell them we wanted to share something with them. Her mom said “well we are going to the gym” and Julie talked her into waiting until we got there.  We grapped a bottle of Dom Perignon and went to their place.  I didn’t ask her dad for her hand in marriage since that would not have set well with Julie. When we told them our newss Her dad congratulated both of us and welcomed me to the family.  Her mom said “Cmon Dick, let’s go to the gym”. Even though Julie tried to talk her into celebrating with us, they left and so did we. We eventually came back, but that took ten years for me to care about her mom.

The Wedding

We got married in St. Lucia at a Sandals Resort.  We were married on December 7th, 1995 on a very hot and humid day.  I was sent to meet Ms. Kay Jackson in a very cold room while things were being prepared.  I noticed she was stalling and asked her what was the problem.  The Governor of St. Lucia forgot to sign our license before he left for his golf game.  She had sent someone to get the signature.  I called Julie to tell her the problem and she told me that her dad said I had decided to leave.  NO CHANCE of that happening.

For some reason, Julie decided she should wear a hat.  Now, she had worn a Cal baseball cap on the weekends when we would grab coffee, but no other type so this was out of character.  She was wearing a beautiful dress and I had a new tailored WOOL suit that was a stupid idea with hindsight.  I am not sure why she wore nylons, so you will have to ask her.

IMG_4265 Her Dad left his regular glasses on the plane, so he looked like a CIA agent for the entire trip.  Since he was an officer in the Marines it seemed to fit.


We both wrote our vows and were practicing them during our trip. The morning of the wedding we both agreed to read them to each other as the words were important to us.  Mine was kind of long, but it did end with “you are my complement and my completion”.


It was a seriously hot and humid day and I was STUPID for wearing a wool suit.  But even more annoying was the cheesy photographer who didn’t know when to stop.  I finally told him we were done.  I was hot and I wanted a beer.  My father in law decided he did too.  This was the last picture before we sent the photographer on his merry way.


Needless to say it was a special day and one I never forget.  We have gone through a lot in our lives together. We have lived in two countries, had seven homes, multiple jobs but the common denominator has always been the development of our partnership and love for each other.  I can truly say that I love Julie more every day. She is a very special person and you should take the opportunity to be her friend.  She is a great friend. I know. She’s my best friend.

The years have been a lot of fun.  We have aged a bit, but we have earned every wrinkle.  Here is a more recent picture of us with the 3G network.  After the recent events in the world, I hope that you have hugged your love ones a little tighter.  I know I will when she comes home.  Thanks for reading. Bruce

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