So: Guinness update + concrete pouring

First the important stuff: the Guinness update. The big boy/world’s most expensive free dog has an abscess and a fractured tooth. The tooth is apparently the most common lab tooth to mess up and the way it’s messed up is called a slab fracture. Google it if you want to see some pretty icky photos.

He’ll be on antibiotics until next Tuesday and then he’s getting the tooth extracted on Tuesday. And we’re not sure what happened. The tooth could have been fractured for years. Dr. Hudson will clean all of his teeth and make sure there’s nothing worse happening. She’s a great vet and has always been great with Guinness (she has an interest in dogs with neurological issues) so I know he’ll be in great hands.

After talking with a coworker who has two lab-ish dogs (one who has had this same issue), Guinness may perk up again. He’s been a little moody lately which we may have wrongly attributed to the aging process (we don’t know how old he is and he’s gotten grayer in the last few months). My coworker explained that when her black lab Precious had her tooth extracted, it was like her whole attitude changed. And she ate better too.

The antibiotics and pain meds (novox) have worked well for Guinness so far–it seems like they’re working for him since he’s perkier. Fingers crossed!

Tonight’s DIY fun was mixing and pouring concrete. Check out the photo of the demolished wet bar:


There is a big gap between the brick floor and the wall. So we mixed two bags of Quikcrete and put the cement in place:


Ta da!

We are taking out the sink (don’t use it) and replacing the old cabinet with a beverage fridge and a cabinet. This is a future plan (need the plumber and electrician to come back and help us make that happen) but we need to floor to be level. And this is important for the floor install on Saturday.

Bruce says we need to add concrete pouring to our LinkedIn profiles!

In urban farm notes, we’ve got snow peas forming! Tomatoes are outgrowing their cages. Everything is doing great.

The only challenge is going to be Thursday night’s super cold weather. It could be the lowest May temperature ever. No joke. Bring out the frost cloth!


3 thoughts on “So: Guinness update + concrete pouring

  1. He’s the most handsome and regal free dog too. Love that boy! I, too, have poured concrete–mixed by hand with a shovel. We had to mix the cement powder and rocks first and then add the water. EXHAUSTING.


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