So: bambooed

No longer are we living without flooring. Four bamboo dudes spent the greater part of a day laying flooring for four rooms plus the hall. It looks spectacular if you can see past the blue painters tape and lack of trim. I can.

I’ll show before and after tomorrow once the tape’s gone. The Gs are already impressed and ready to lie down on the new floors. But we need to stay off for 12 hours.

So our mattress is in the living room. We will sleep until we (or the Gs) wake. I suggested glamping on the patio since it’s so nice, but got vetoed. The Gs are too exhausted from their day outside to even think of their options. All are passed out in the office, snoring softly.

We had a great day outside. The entire front is up to Yard of the Month standards.


The Urban Farm is ready for an am harvest of bok choi and mixed salad greens.

All of the boxes from the bamboo are in the recycling bin. It’s exciting to know that this floor is guaranteed for 30 years but will last even longer.

We are all ready for an early bedtime. The Gs are sleeping and the humans are not far behind.


2 thoughts on “So: bambooed

  1. Looking forward to the before and after pics – and I’m sure you can’t wait until things in your household approximate normal again.


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