So: three fingers

How do you know it was a successful DIY weekend? Injuries! I have three injured fingers (drilled my left thumb, sliced my right index, rubbed a bunch of skin off my third right finger), a bruise on my right bicep, and plenty of scratches everywhere. And my eyes are puffy and my nose is runny from all the dust. Achoo!

George seems to be doing much better with the power tool sounds. He enjoyed an afternoon in the laundry room (his choice) as the washer and dryer drowned out the sounds of construction. It was also very cozy laying on piles of dirty clothes (we are very behind on domestic chores) and warm.

George in repose after an exhausting day

We spent the day installing trim and cleaning up:

Guest room 1

Guest room 2

When you’re working all day, it’s possible to make a mistake:


We noticed this one after dinner. How we didn’t notice as we vacuumed twice, mopped, and admired our handy work, I’m not sure. I guess looking up is important.

Everyone is tired after this productive weekend:



There’s still a lot to do before furniture can go back in place in the bedrooms: caulking, painting trim. Good thing we have time after work!


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