Sow: supercells


Tonight everyone in our metroplex area is glued to their tvs. Tornado watches and warnings are on. The sky is very rumbly. Lighting is brightening the night. George is doing pretty well considering how scared he gets when we have storms–he is the calmest he has ever been during bad weather.

Sirens are going off to the south of us. Apparently a subdivision has been flattened in Hood County. It’s hard to fathom 40 houses destroyed.

Bruce moved all of the cabinet pieces we need to install this weekend out of the garage and into the living room so we could move out vehicles back into the garage. That way they won’t get hailed on. It’s covered by insurance down here but it’s a real pain in the wallet/butt to get it fixed. And most people don’t like a pock-marked car.

Hail is a serious threat. To the west, they’ve gotten quarter size or larger plus wind. And it’s a recipe for a tornado.

I’m hopeful all we get is water to help the plants grow, not rotations. Still, have no fear, we have a tornado plan and a safe place to go. And we’re all ready to go there: dog leashes, flash lights, shoes, blankets, work computers, and wallets are already there. It’s just what we have to do down here.

Update: 9:53 pm CT

Not my favorite channel but a vivid photo to give you an idea about this storm


17 thoughts on “Sow: supercells

  1. I’m glad it passed you by. I remember being in Fort Worth shortly after the 2000 tornado that hit downtown. What a strange sight to see devastated high-rise buildings rather than the usual flattened subdivisions, rural communities or trailer parks.


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