So: desparkling

no more sparkles! sitting in the chair, head full of chemicals, processing away

Every 6 weeks or so I visit Frances. She’s my hair desparkler and change agent. She can always sense when it’s time to change something whether it’s length or colors. And she’s always one step ahead of my hair fatigue with the perfect suggestion.

No boredom is allowed in Frances’ world. The woman is a ball of energy and it’s difficult to be anything but energized by her. Dynamic. Vibrant. Enthusiastic. All good words to describe her. I always leave in a much better place than when I came in.

In addition to being a senior colorist and stylist, Frances teaches other stylists, does elaborate Pinterest crafts, and makes fancy cakes for friends’ birthdays, weddings, and baby showers.

Her cakes rival anything you can buy at the most chi-chi bakeries. You name a character or an object, she’ll recreate it. For one friend’s birthday, she made a Louis Vouton purse from cake and fondant!

It’s never a dull moment on the days I get my hair done. And it’s always such a treat to hang out with her for nearly three hours. Getting my hair done by Frances is more like visiting a friend than just going to get a haircut. And it’s the perfect relaxing start to a long weekend.

Thank you, Frances, for all you do to help me look — and feel — my best!


7 thoughts on “So: desparkling

    • Lol. You’ll see it in person next Friday. I’m not sure it’s going to be earth shattering today–no new highlight colors, just touching up. Sounds like Frances is going to reduce the heaviness and shorten the length mostly.


      • In preparation for your hot summers. I’ll bet it’s a real drag to have hair hanging down your neck when it gets really hot there.


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