So: postcard perfect

YYZ photo op

We’re heading back to Texas after an action-packed long weekend. The weather is unseasonably cool (a nice change for us) and very clear which made all of the city view and highway shots on Breakfast Television (the local morning news) looks like they were straight out of a expertly retouched postcard.

Toronto is a pretty city, especially this time of year when everything is ultra-green and flowers are blooming.

Yesterday we crammed in a bit of shopping, a quick visit to our favorite winery (fielding estates), a trip to Costco, the Beer Store, the local pizza and wings place, and the grocery store for supplies for an impromptu dinner for 20 at Bruce’s mom’s house. We had another nice visit with Bruce’s sisters and their families plus a cousin’s family too.


We may need a vacation from our little trip. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start reading all of the Canadian magazines I picked up for the trip back. Or maybe I’ll just nap.


8 thoughts on “So: postcard perfect

  1. Vreat shot! Travel safe. It was terrific to see you and meet Bruce. Hope to do it again soon. Let me know when you want that peanut butter!


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