Sow: peachy


Yes, of course, tomatoes were harvested today (and were given to the Gs pal Tracy when she came by at lunch to let them out), but I discovered the next big harvest when I was out dumping my poor dead plants garden debris in the composter.

While I was sleeping or at least spending time worrying about the urban farm, the peach tree has gotten busy making peaches. I’m pretty excited about it especially since the plum tree hasn’t produced anything this year.

So tomorrow morning, I’ll start climbing the ladder and plucking down peaches before the birds, squirrels and perhaps even neighbors who know they’re there get them. It’s best to pick them a little green then let them ripen in a paper bag.

I’m hoping to have enough to make jam again. However, my plan is to blanch (skin comes off easier), peel, and cut up the peaches now and freeze them in gallon size ziplock bags. That way I can make jam in the fall, when it’s cooler. Closer to the holidays also.

Truthfully I just don’t have that kind of leisure time right now. It isn’t hard, just time-consuming because there are a lot of steps. But oh so worth it.

Last year I made a ton. In cute little jam pots with a fun label. Gave most of it away and it was a big hit. My grandma who’s 97 said it reminded her of the jam she had as a child.

I can think of no better compliment.


10 thoughts on “Sow: peachy

    • It is, but the tree was a little neglected when we bought the house. I’ve been trying to coax it back to it’s prime. I love the fruit trees. A little disappointed in the plum tree though. And I’m rooting for the little fig tree to get bigger. I’d love to have an avocado tree and a lime tree but the climate is wrong for it here. We had lemons (as a hedge!), grapefruit and avocados when I was a kid in California and I actually got tired of eating avocados!


      • It really still seems a bit unreal that you can actually have trees that provide all those types of fruit – a bit like tuna actually existing as a fish! Maybe your plum tree will perk up with a bit of care and attention. Last year the fruit here was virtually non existent because of the weather during the winter and spring. Although we have had bad weather again this year I think it has been great for the fruit trees and we should be expecting a bumper harvest. I can’t wait to have my own garden, I want loads of fruit trees. I’m renting at the moment which is a pain.


      • Yes, it’s pretty incredible, honestly. I am always so pleasantly surprised with how the plants and trees do their thing. But this year the conditions were not exactly right for the plum. The rapid very cold/very hot weather changes and wind made the blossoms fall off too soon which seems to be the main problem. Odd that the peach was bothered in the same way. Other than that, the plum tree is very healthy. So I’ll just hope for an awesome bounty next year.


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