So: hotdogs and peanuts

There will be no peach picking or harvesting or composting this evening. Bruce and I are  joining his coworkers for a company event at the Rangers Ballpark, home of such delicacies as a giant hot dog:

courtesy of the Dallas Morning News

courtesy of the Dallas Morning News

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

And the team they’re playing? Why none other than:


Caveat: I’m not a huge sports fan. But I do like going to see a baseball game live every now and then. Unlike the dome where the Blue Jays play, Rangers ballpark is open air and styled like an old-fashioned ballpark. It is however, pretty new. And while it’s going to be a hot night (probably 100°F at 5 pm) there’s something magical about hunkering down with a program, a cold beer, a hot dog (something I rarely eat), and a bag of peanuts.

It takes me back to my childhood of course. My dad is to this day a guy who really enjoys a day at the ballpark (we took him to Rangers ballpark last time he visited Texas) even though it is definitely not my mom’s favorite way to spend an afternoon/evening. He knows how to keep score and even if he’s unfamiliar with the particular team, he can size up the players quickly.

The first baseball games I remember going to were Savannah Braves games. They were the minor league team for the Atlanta Braves. So much fun! Every time we went, there were giveaways and special activities for the kids. And apparently it was a rather inexpensive night out for a family of four. We’d get bags of peanuts and make a big mess. When we moved to Southern California, we went to Angels games in Anaheim (can’t remember what they’re currently called, something like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). We’d get bags of peanuts and make a big mess. Then when we moved to Northern California, we’d hop on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and head up to Oakland for the Oakland As games. We’d get bags of peanuts and make a big mess—can you see the pattern? My mom hated the chaos and debris, but it was how it’s done. As a college student and young adult I also went to San Francisco Giants games with friends.

But ask me about the inner working of the game and you won’t get much. I read the program because I like the articles about the players and the teams. I like being outside (no surprise there). I like being able to snack on peanuts and throw the shells on the ground, just like I did when I was a kid.

But most of all, I love the people watching. Always have. It’s like being in the airport, except better. Sporting events bring uninhibited yelling. Crazy fashions. Drunken behavior. Rudeness. Kindness. It’s all out there at the same time. And when combined with the game, it’s visually overwhelming. At least for me.

Once or twice a year I love it. But since this is Friday night after a long and busy work week, I’ll probably be ready to head home after two hours or so, sleepy from the heat and overloaded by the visual stimulation. Gotta get up early Saturday. Peaches are calling.


4 thoughts on “So: hotdogs and peanuts

  1. Summer isn’t summer without at least one hotdog. When I lived in Montreal I never missed a baseball game — at least while the Expos played at Jarry Park. I was never an Olympic Stadium fan. Here, not so much. Although, thanks to Ogilvy, I was in a Skybox the 2 times the Blue Jays won the world series or the semi finals or whatever it is they won. That was very exciting. Have a great time!


  2. You can’t beat fun at the old ballpark! Heck, I stayed at a game that lasted until 3:15 in the morning a couple weeks ago! I try to check out a new stadium every year, and Rangers Ballpark is on the list for September. Can’t wait to see it…


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