So: lucky

Apparently I write like Margaret Atwood, at least according to I write like. I get to collect frequent flyer miles for my business travel that I can use to visit my far away friends. I have a job that keeps me on my toes and stretches my brain. Plenty of free water is falling from the sky for the Urban Farm this month—and this week which is also lucky for Bruce. Three lab-ish Gs that will practically knock me over with joy when I return home from my travels on Thursday. And I have an amazing husband who holds down the household while I galavant all over the East Coast this week.

Someone didn't want me to go yesterday

Someone didn’t want me to go yesterday

I am very lucky.

Great friends who are loving and loyal. Coworkers who light up my days with their sense of humor and regional differences. The perspective that comes with age and experience. The miracle of a plant springing up from a seed. The tired feeling of a day well spent.

I know that I am lucky. I also know that in many cases, timing and chance is not enough. Being lucky is also a choose. Choosing to be positive. Choosing to work hard. Choosing to not take the easy way out. Choosing to try something new. Choosing to stand up for those who cannot.

And I try my best to be grateful for it everyday.

Last week, a former colleague posted a link to a blog post that I liked enough to share with some of the folks I work with. Even if you don’t work in the same industry as me, I think you’ll see that it applies to any vocation or job if you look at it with gratitude and appreciation.

Now on that note, it’s time to start the work day with gratitude and go out there and make some luck. Make it a great one!


9 thoughts on “So: lucky

  1. I just tried the “I Write Like” website – I got two different authors from three excerpts. James Joyce twice! I had to study Joyce for A Level and he was most definitely not my favourite author. Must try harder! Always liked Margaret Atwood though!


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