So: stay-cation day 1


We started our first day off with the Gs morning walk around the neighborhood followed by egg, tomato, cheese breakfast sandwiches. If you have any doubt that freshly picked tomatoes from your own garden are worth the effort, today’s breakfast would have swayed you. And it was so good, we’ll be enjoying a caprese salad tonight. (Yes, the big ones are huge as you can see from the whiffle ball in the photo.)

Next up was a visit to our lawyer. After the Planning for Your Pets class a few weeks ago where we learned about the importance of ensuring that, in the event of our deaths, provisions are made for our dogs at a class a few weeks ago, we called the dude who did our will to amend it. The laws are different everywhere but in Texas, if no one is named to take care of your dogs, they can go to the pound. Also pets are considered property, just like a toaster or car. Suffice it to say, learn how where you live thinks about your companion animals and plan for it while you’re still able to.

So, now that’s all organized. Just in case. Not a very cheerful way to start a holiday, but it’s done.

The plumber was supposed to come by and remove the wet bar sink and fix an outside tap, but he got delayed and will be here tomorrow. That’s why we did a pile of errands to get them out of the way.

Our other pal David the electrician is coming by this week to do a bunch of stuff.

I’m hoping for some sleeping in time because I’m still tired from my crazy work week, but maybe I’ll just do what I did last Friday and fall asleep at 8.


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