So: stay-cation day 2


I finally roasted some of the Anaheim chilis and jalapeños last night.


If you haven’t roasted peppers, you should try it. Not only is it an easy way to cook them but after you throw them in a bowl and cover it with cling film/plastic wrap, they peel very easily.

Right now we’re eating them as a condiment (like on tonight’s burgers) but I’m thinking of puréeing the next batch and using the sauce for fish.

But I digress. Today’s stay-cation adventures included sleeping in a little (thanks, Bruce!), a visit from the plumber, and a trip to a lake.

Jim the plumber pulled out the rusted out bar sink and fixed the leaking backyard faucet. I missed seeing him since I was out running errands like getting Guinness’ phenoxybenzamine.

When I got home we left for our friends’ house at a local lake to have lunch. We were also supposed to swim and jet ski but we ended up sitting on their patio and talking all afternoon. It was a real treat since these friends are very busy and that much time together is very rare. And it was beautiful to relax next to a lake and watch the boats drive by.

Of course, there was also harvesting that needed to happen:



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