So: stay-cation day 4


Happy Canada Day, y’all! Bruce and I celebrated Canada’s birthday by continuing to make progress on our home projects.

This morning after another extra long dog walk in the much cooler weather, Godiva and I tackled the front yard weeding. They are all native, low water plants and until they spread out more, weeds will invade.


It wasn’t as bad as the last time, though I may have gotten some sun even with the 30 SPF sunscreen


The countertop guy came by to confirm Bruce’s measurements. We have a bit more work to do in the no-longer-wet bar, but it’s adding some supports.

David the electrician is coming tomorrow to add some pot lights, move a plug, fix the attic light, and fix an outdoor plug.

We will be painting since we gutted the office once more and did a bunch of pre-painting work. Sanding mostly. Some filling.


As you can see, the supervisor is asleep on the job.

We flew the Canadian flag in front of our house and didn’t get it stolen or get a nasty note so I feel pretty good about our little celebration.


Because we’re working on the office, we have no wifi and 4G isn’t so good in the house. It’s a lovely night but the mosquitos are coming out to play. Until tomorrow!


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