So: stay-cation day 5

I’m tired. But instead of being mentally fatigued, my body is tired. And I love it.

We were up fairly early for day 5 of Stay-cation 2013 and we’re greeted with amazing weather. It was like cottage country weather at the end of a dock or Southern California beach before breakfast weather. But we needed to have a fairly fast dog walk since David the Electrician was coming by 8.

Actually 7:30. David’s a great electrician just somewhat unpredictable. So we enjoyed coffee and breakfast outside with the Gs. The Gs were outside all morning long:


As you can see, Guinness loves to be outside.

I love to be outside and used the time wisely. I picked the last of the lettuce, harvested today’s veggies, and prepared the urban farm for tomorrow’s fall tomato and pepper planting.




And Bruce found a new friend:


David installed pot lights over the new dining room cabinets, put in a plug in the no longer wet bar, fixed an outside plug, and fixed the attic light. He likes that he’s part of the process of altering the Mortroski Mid-century.

After he left, we headed over to North Haven Gardens to pick up tomatoes and peppers to plant tomorrow.

But the majority of the work today was in the office/tv room.





Godiva stays safely out of renovation’s way. Not Guinness:



Another great and super productive day was had by all. It’s going to be another in bed by 9:30 night. No one can say we’re not going to bed tired every night of this Stay-cation.


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