So: stay-cation day 6

This may be one of our best vacations yet. Another beautiful and cool morning. Perfect for planting and mulching fall tomatoes/peppers. I got that all done before 10 am. Hard to believe that we need to think about fall now (see the end of this post for gratuitous garden photos).

It was a day of getting stuff done:
-bar fridge/cabinet final leveling and stocking
-adding another board to tv cabinet feature wall
-patio clean up
-garage clean up
-habitat restore to donate some stuff
-post office to mail three packages

Don’t worry: we took a break. We had a taste of Italy for lunch. Jimmy’s Food Store is an Italian market downtown and we picked up some sausage, pizza dough, and lunch — they have great sandwiches. It was a fun (and delicious) break.

It was a little hotter than yesterday so I’m glad we got the outdoor stuff done early.

But right when we were thinking that we were done for the day, around 4:30 we got a call from Lowes and found out a blind we ordered was in (early by 5 days) so we went to pick it up:




We got it installed in about 5 minutes, no joke. It’s already made a big difference–our neighbors’ annoying 24-7 security light has finally been blocked!

And so we called it a day. Big painting fun tomorrow!

Here’s a collection of photos from today (I am having posting issues since we don’t have wifi until the office is reassembled so unfortunately I couldn’t weave them throughout the post as I planned):










Until tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “So: stay-cation day 6

  1. You have one SERIOUS garden! So glad you are enjoying your stay-cation. The Gs are going to be mighty pissed when you both go back to work.


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