Sow: picture this

I’m in Atlanta and can’t sleep so I figure I’ll share some photos I took this morning (well, yesterday morning):


You may remember my winter lettuce experiment with a washtub on wheels (a good one if you want lettuce in winter in North Texas). Salad greens are not supposed to grow in North Texas in summer. Those are arugula and mâché seedlings. Looks like they’re growing so far–I planted them last Thursday.


The Malabar spinach is also doing its thing as promised. I’m helping it along by guiding the tendrils towards the trellises. Looks pretty so far and apparently it could cover the trellises if I let it.


The orange bell peppers are finally ready. The first two were picked this morning and there are more to come. They looked delicious. I had already packed our lunches but they would have been lovely in today’s salad.


Apparently the Urban Farm is a very romantic place these days. Anyone know what these amorous insects are?


Somehow I missed picking this okra pod and now look at it. Those are full sized garden scissors. I fear it will not be very tasty but I’m going to see if stewing will work.


Check out my new gardening shirt from my coworker pal Deb (thanks, Deb!) She and her husband have the best BBQ restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC. No joke! Its URL is!


My pals Christy and Brad (and fellow urban farmers) got me this cool rack for my birthday–Bruce put it up during the break. (Thank you, C & B!)


Of course, what would a post be without a gratuitous dog photo?

And with that, I bid you all a good night.


18 thoughts on “Sow: picture this

  1. Your trellis is beautiful! I’m glad you’re helping the spinach get going. The orange peppers are perfect. I don’t usually have the patience for them to color up. We’re waiting on a giant green bell pepper to turn red and I’m getting anxious about it. I love the picture of your okra bugs; I’ve got no idea what they are.


    • Thanks for the trellis complement — I’ll tell Bruce you like them. He got them for me because he felt they worked with our mid-century thing we’ve got going on. I’m hoping that the spinach just covers the whole thing! We’ve been patient with the bell peppers only since we have so many Anaheim peppers and jalapeños! I really need to get pickling/roasting/freezing! Been giving them away though and that’s fun too. Good luck with your okra and thanks for reading!


    • George is a popular guy! Hard to imagine that he was dumped at the shelter last year after he tried to jump a chain link fence and got caught on it. He is very sweet and definitely the goofiest of the 3Gs. Thanks for reading!


  2. Peppers look delish. I love peppers. And the lettuce is just nuts! It’ll be all over the place by the time you get home.


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