So: highlights

I’ve been lazy this week, with good reason. Wednesday, I was stuck at the Atlanta airport for weather and mechanical problems for 5 hours. I was busy with work most of that so it wasn’t so bad but still. I had weather issues getting there and sleeping issues once I got there. If it wasn’t for the people and the great meeting, it would have been a hair puller of a trip.

But don’t think for a moment that it wasn’t a great week. Here are a few highlights since my last post:


It looks meager, but at least there was a harvest. This is the time of year where any plants that are still alive are an amazing victory as it hits three digits every day for the next two months. I may have an invention for this though. Stay tuned.


My childhood jewelry box repainted by artist Lisa Loria showed up yesterday and it’s stunning. Even prettier than the photo. A definite highlight of the month.


I found this strange vine attacking the creeping rosemary today. It looks like a Little Shop of Horrors green bean! Yanked the sucker out of the front plants.


The countertop dudes came and gave us counters in under two hours. Love love love the quartz.



This is pretty exciting because now the lounge and the living/dining room are pretty much DONE! It looks great too.


The seaming of the dining room countertop was so cool. The machine vibrated and hummed as it squeezed the small piece to the big one.


You can only see the seam very close up.

So then, it’s the weekend. Tomorrow we’ll be putting finishing touches on the fabulous new office. I just love it–Bruce’s color choices were amazing. It is such a comfortable tv venue now. And probably a delightful place to work although the Gs and I preferred the kitchen table as usual

It’s Godiva’s birthday on Sunday (Bastille Day is the day we picked for her) so we’re going to go swimming. Our friends are away and offered us their pool. Godiva loves to swim so its the perfect birthday for a 4 year old. I’m sure there will be photos. Plus George needs to learn…


7 thoughts on “So: highlights

  1. Yay! Counters!! The strange weed looks like a yard long or asparagus bean to me. We have a few of them up our back fence, and it’s great because you only need a few to chop up for a meal.


      • Well, everything is different there. I’ve never worried about my rosemary getting choked out. Best of luck going into the hot season! I’m excited to see what type of shade structure/ plan you have devised.


  2. I too had one of those long delays at the airport recently. In fact all the transportation was less than stellar. The subway went on strike too. I know why you said you felt lazy for the week. It was the same for me too when I got back. Plus the garden really needed tending from the week away.


  3. Oh all that heat! Hopefully we stay under the heat radar, so far it has been positively mild out here in Illinois.. Your harvest looked like a fab stir fry, what a joy to eat your own foood. I just got in from cleaning half the outside windows, miserably my computer is sitting in the corner that is not yet done, and i am staring out the dirty ones.. i can’t bear it, i have to go and do it! sigh! Don’t worry i don;t clean windows often! c


    • We’ve gotten lots of rain over the past 24 hours so it’s actually fairly cool and unseasonable. I’m sure the plants are all glad for a slow and steady drink and cooler temperatures. It is a joy to eat your own food. Ugh on the windows. A chore that has to be done sometimes, but is never really fun and is rather thankless.


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