So: wow weekend

What a fabulous weekend! While its completely out of order, let me start with Mr. Fireworks Dog George. He learned to swim, thanks to Godiva and our lovely friends Aly and Jay (their pool):

While he looks very laid back, he wasn’t too sure. Godiva the otter made swimming seem effortless for George the manatee.

Today was no good for dog swimming since there was a massive temperature drop, but before the Lambert family returns from their trip, George will swim again. After all, he is a golden-lab and needs to know his skills.

In the farming department, the urban farm is entering the surface of the sun times;

Our gift watermelon from Lisa is struggling.

The roses are attracting bees.

The okra flowers promise us delicious okra every other day. It’s shocking how fast they grow!

Despite the heat, the Malabar spinach is fulfilling its promise.

The salad we had for dinner Saturday night was quite delicious!

A combo of chard, peppers, spinach, roasted beets, pepitas, and goat cheese, it was the perfect accompaniment to grilled kebabs.

The salad experiment is coming along!


Getting a bit serious, I would just like you to notice the following prices and descriptions (please note I do not begrudge the farmers in any way, just want you to see what a $2.50 pack of organic seeds and water can do with a popular Texas-based grocery store reference):



And beets. Ours:


The store:



We are really enjoying growing stuff and saving money at the grocery store!

But yesterday was also about the Gs. They have new puntable pals–a shitzu, a pom, and a chihuahua pup! Here’s one photo of last night:

If a dog that big and a dog that small can have fun, why can’t we humans all get along? The Gs and their petite pals had a good old time running around, playing with toys, mooching food from the people.

And then there was today. Abnormally cool. Rainy. Magnificent. It’s fitting that its Godiva’s birthday. Stinky brothers all got a bath and a pedicure after their swim. Fun time with new friends Saturday night. House almost back together. Humans just hanging out inside catching up on the DVR.

Everyone seems very well rested, just as a weekend should be.


6 thoughts on “So: wow weekend

  1. Hi Julie, I have a lot of catching up to do, we had a bereavement in the family during the past week, I have been on the road travelling a fair bit – back at base now, glad to see the 3G’s are enjoying the sunshine and the veggies are coming on.
    Will be going dog shopping in the next couple of weeks, Satchmo our Rhodesian Ridgeback is a year gone to doggy Heaven on the 2nd of August so time to welcome a new arrival into the household don’t you think.


    • Welcome back, Chris! I was wondering what was up. So sorry about your family’s loss. Hopefully everyone is doing as well as they can given the circumstances.

      If you have an opportunity to meet a lab-ish rescue dog, I highly recommend them as potential canine family members. We barely lasted a month without a dog in the house after our sweet Daisy (bulldog) passed away and I think the only reason we did was we were away for about 10 days of that month. Godiva turned 4 yesterday (yes, Bastille Day–it seemed like an appropriate made up birthday for her). We thought we’d wait a year before getting a second dog, but Guinness (his made up birthday is St. Patrick’s Day) showed up when Godiva was 6 months old. And George…well, we really weren’t planning on having three dogs, but there was something about him. George’s 1 year anniversary is coming soon (we’ll probably use that as his birthday). So yes, I wholeheartedly support you bringing a new doggie into the family! Make sure to post photos, please.


    • You’re absolutely right! George didn’t like the pool too much at first, but once he figured out that swimming was fun, he was back to his usual goofy self. Now I bet we’ll have trouble keeping him out of people’s pools!


    • He is a goofball! All the rain yesterday and today has helped the garden. We’ve gotten through most of the spring veggies and are on to the summer ones. Fall ones are starting to be in the ground and lots of seeds need to be planted in August.


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