Sow: wet


It’s been raining since Sunday. This is not normal for North Texas. It should be blazing surface of the sun hot and so dry that I’m thinking of watering the urban farm at dawn, at dusk, and right before bed. At least the fall tomatoes (only 1 casualty so far) are growing like crazy.

But the rain barrels are full again. The grass is green again. The garden is lush and everything is huge. Picking lunch was a real pleasure today and by tomorrow, we’ll have enough okra for dinner.

And Guinness is grumpy. Really grumpy.

He hates water of all kinds, but dislikes rain the most since it may mean no W-A-L-K, especially if there is lightning or hail. He’s also aggravated his neck/back injury that was originally caused by wrestling with a much younger (and heavier) dog. Yes, George.

So Guinness is lying on the sofa (yes, you will get dog hair on your clothes if you sit on our furniture) with a microwaved sock full of uncooked rice on his shoulders. He’s also pumped full of rimadyl and tramadol so he’s a little sleepy/dopey. He’s finally comfortable. Yes, he has pottied, eaten and drank water so we are sure that he’s thrown out his neck/back. Again.


It may be weather related. He may have over exerted himself trying to impress Ollie the chihuahua on Saturday. Or maybe he and George had a good wrestle.

But it’s G resting time since the humans are plinking away on their phones while the washer is spinning and the tv is yammering on the background.

Special note: Tomorrow’s post could be a blast or a bust. I have jury duty.


7 thoughts on “Sow: wet

    • He’s already seeming much better this morning. The pain and inflammation meds are doing their job and he was thrilled to go for a walk although the park was too swampy to go through. Still, we walked. And it wasn’t raining although everything is just soaked.


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