So: hitting reset


We’re more than 1/2 way through 2013. The urban farm is thriving. The Mortroski Midcentury’s many projects are decreasing. But I’m way behind in my fitness goals.

Rather than harp on about how long it’s been since I’ve hit the gym, suffice it to say that I went back tonight. Kind of like hitting reset on 2013. It was not my finest workout, nor was it my worst. And it was great to get back to it.

This week will be focused on cardio, specifically running. Today was run-walk night.

And yes, I had more energy afterwards. So I grabbed the dehydrator and started dehydrating basil!


And I washed the whole pile of basil from yesterday. I’ll probably dehydrate more tomorrow and make pesto too. The basil crop is growing like crazy!


12 thoughts on “So: hitting reset

  1. Oooh. I’ve never dehydrated my basil. We have so much pesto in the fridge and I was just thinking what I should do with my next harvest. It turns brown, doesn’t it?


    • Actually no, it stays fairly green, a lighter green than the fresh leaves or pesto. But you will be very surprised: a whole dehydrator full of leaves makes only a small bottle of dried basil. Good luck!


      • I made some more before work. It is green and when it’s smashed up in the bottle it looks darker green. Still doesn’t make a lot as you’ll see if you read tonight’s post.


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