So: house guest

Meet Stella aka Gidget

Meet Stella aka Gidget

This weekend’s adventure wasn’t about building something. It wasn’t about going somewhere. It was about making a new friend and helping a little dog get a new lease on life.

Stella aka Gidget (she is small and very active so it seemed like a perfect name for her especially since Stella has only been her name since Monday and it didn’t seem to fit her spunky little self) was a street dog that was found by Dallas rescue group Duck Team 6. on Monday. She was in a rough neighborhood. She was hungry and hot (remember it’s over 100° F here at this time of year). She’s around a year old, but definitely has a lot of puppy left in her.

When we saw this  video about her, we knew we had to help. And that’s how we got to be her foster family. We’re going to be watching her and letting the Duck Team 6 folks know how she does with other dogs (great), what she knows how to do, how she does with kids, etc.

It’s been a crazy week for this little dog: several great temporary foster homes and lots of new dog friends, nice people from Duck Team 6 to help her, a great vet to spay her and check her out, and now three dogs to hang out with.

Rght now she’s asleep. Guinness, Godiva and George are all also asleep. George is snoring loudly. They are exhausted because it’s been so exciting around here. Lots of play time. Lots of chewing. Several visitors.

And no, in case you’re wondering if today’s the day we’re upgrading the network to 4G, she’s not staying. She’s already got several people who want to give her a great home. She’s just here to hang out and learn the finer points of living in a house with other dogs from the Gs. And we’re going to be available to help more Duck Team dogs when they need us.

It was hot when the Gs first met Gidget in our back yard so we pulled out the pool:

Gidget likes water

Gidget likes water

She learned quickly that the sofa was a nice place to sleep:


Hanging out with Guinness


The floor is pretty good too, especially when you’re chewing

She likes people too and follows us around tail a-wagging. That is when she’s not snuggling.

She's a good snuggler

She’s a good snuggler

She’s getting along great with all of the Gs. Gidget really loves toys and likes to play as much as George does:

She's very playful

She’s very playful, but George outweighs her so he won this game of tug

Gidget is a smart girl. She’s already learned how to sit, thanks to treats and George showing her the way. I’m hoping that we can work on “paw” and “down” this week. She’s pretty good on the leash—we all went for one of our usual long weekend walks this morning and although she was very tired when we were done, she kept up just fine.

The girls are getting along

The girls are getting along great

This afternoon Tracy (the G’s pet sitter) came by with her husband Larry for a visit. In the photo above, George, Godiva and Gidget are watching them leave. Gidget really enjoys looking out the front window (all the dogs do) and so far has barked at people and bicycles. I’m thinking Guinness has informed her that they only bark at other dogs and people who are walking up the sidewalk that they don’t know because by this afternoon, she no longer barked at joggers or bicycles.

Gidget enjoys looking at the world passing by

Gidget enjoys looking out the window


Guinness explaining the finer points of barking

Just like every dog that we’ve met, she’s starting to train us too:

Gidget learned that rolling over means belly rubs

Gidget learned that rolling over means belly rubs

so tired

so tired

napping with Guinness

napping with Guinness

I think I can safely say that Gidget’s having a nice visit. She’s a great dog and if you’re interested in adopting her, definitely contact the Duck Team 6 folks. She’d be a great addition to any home.

PS: Don’t worry, we did a home project at the Mortroski Midcentury this weekend. We started painting the laundry room. I’ll post photos when it’s all done.


7 thoughts on “So: house guest

  1. Are you SURE you’re not keeping her? She seems so happy. And the G’s seem to really like her. (In case you can’t tell from my writing, I’m whining as I ask thrse questions). 😦 (pouty face)


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