Sow: extreme weather


I got my wish. It’s raining. Next time I will qualify my rain wish. We don’t need to get it all at once.

We got so much rain in a short period of time that all the rain barrels are full. The eavestroughs (aka gutters) over the patio were sagging from the weight of the water and are currently propped up by a pole saw used for pruning trees. Bruce spent a lot of time pushing water off the patio with a push broom. He’s made some makeshift sandbags with towels.

We are using Godiva’s and Gidget’s wading pool to keep the water coming off the house into the eavestroughs and into the full rain barrels from eroding the soil around the edge of the house. I also grabbed the garden cart’s insert to catch excess water from the rain barrel under the kitchen window.

We’ve dumped both already, dragging those huge containers into the middle of the yard.

So much water was coming so fast that we were worried about it coming into the house.

We were about to go to bed when it started coming down hard. Now we’ll be up for a while to see if the weather radar is correct.


Today’s one of those days that Texas didn’t need to do everything bigger. Today’s humidity made my hair closer to God* and the rain quickly flattened it.
Hopefully the garden and its watch toad are ok. We’ll see in the morning.

*popular Texas saying: “the bigger the hair, the closer to God”


8 thoughts on “Sow: extreme weather

  1. I’m glad that Texas is getting rain, but I’m sorry you got so much at once! We’ve had a very wet summer. All summer. The increase in mosquito activity because of it has been awful! I am ready for fall and cooler temperatures.


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