So: throwback thursday

young Daisy cropped

This is Daisy, a week after we got her (9 weeks old) The kids in the photo are Bruce’s nephew and niece. They are now in their 20s.

Lots of people do Throwback Thursdays on their Facebook pages where they share funny photos or stories of their long lost youth. I’m a little tapped out in the writing department tonight, so it’s time for plethora of gratuitous dog photos for your Thursday, the Gateway to the Weekend(™) enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy this quick a glimpse into life with a bulldog. Like many of her kind, Daisy was a old-man style snorer with farts that cleared rooms. She didn’t realize she was a bulldog and played ball like a maniac until she was about 11. She drooled when she smelled oranges (her favorite fruit) and ate fruits and vegetables with great gusto. While she spent most of her life in Toronto, she moved to Texas as a senior citizen and enjoyed sunning her self by the pool.

We were lucky to have her with us until she was 12.5 years old.

Here are a few of my favorite Daisy photos:

bruce&daisy bw

This photo was taken in Toronto when Daisy was only a few years old. We are in the park next to our friends’ house doing a little photo shoot for our annual Christmas card. 


Another Christmas card. This one was taken after we were on an HGTV show called Get Color (US)/Colour Confidential (Canada) and designer Jane Lockhart and her crew overhauled our bathroom.

Daisy was a good sport

Daisy was a good sport, especially on her birthday.

She liked holiday photos

She liked holiday photos

And squeaky toys! But any ball was her favorite toy.

And squeaky toys! But any ball was her favorite toy.

Daisy was a great dog.

Look how big her noggin was!








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