So: fall evening


It’s a lovely cool fall night. We are hanging out outside with some friends. Bruce made a fire even!

It’s funny how the weather works here. Last weekend it was hot–like over 90. But not this weekend. I love it–it’s a delightful change.


The summer veggies are still growing though. But I fear that the okra is almost done. Peppers are going crazy still.

We spent time at the vet today. Guinness has a hurt foot–seems like he has something stuck in his paw like a piece of a burr. So he’s the gratuitous dog photo of the day–isn’t his sock cute?


Until tomorrow! I’ll have an awesome farm story to tell.


6 thoughts on “So: fall evening

    • Oh he did! He appreciated my attempt to make him fashionable with a cute foot cover but he managed to find ways to take it off. Unfortunately this foot thing has been his recent veterinary challenge. He is now on his second course of antibiotics. Dr. Hudson is trying to avoid opening up his foot but she may need to if the meds don’t fix him up.


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