So: love love love

Woman holding heart, close up


Seems like the entire planet needs a little extra love this week. Some people are getting very discouraged. They are thinking the worst about their fellow humans because a few sourpusses, big bullies, and meanies are running their mouths and doing unkind things. Some people are just very, very sad.

We can help.

I challenge each and every one of you who takes a peek at this blog post to spread a little love tomorrow. Or tonight if you want to go ahead and get an early jump on it. Anything. Leave a note. Leave a bigger tip. Hold a door. Hold a hand. Buy some donuts for your coworkers. Buy a round. Listen. Listen some more. Let someone in your lane. Let someone with one thing go ahead of you at the grocery store when you’ve got a full cart. Help load something heavy into a stranger’s car. Help out someone who can never help you. Spare some change. Spare a smile. Make a phone call to an old friend. Make room for someone else to sit down. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line. Buy food for the food pantry. Give a compliment. Give a hug. Just give a damn about the rest of the people on this big blue marble.

I’m putting this out there because it’s been a rough week for a number of people in my life. And as the saying goes, being kind because everyone is facing a hard battle will help them a lot. Even if you don’t impact them directly, I bet there’s someone else near you who is having a parallel experience. Or maybe a worse experience.

A bit of hope and a smidgen of kindness can go a long way on a dark day. Won’t you help me be the light today? C’mon, show your sparkle. It can be our secret.

Even if you’re looking at this post weeks later from the posting date, please do something. It’s not too late.

And if your heart is feeling a bit hard today, just have a look into the big brown eyes of the subject of today’s gratuitous dog photo of the day:


Pure love! This little cutie is Daphne, one of our many office dogs. She’s gotten a bit bigger since this photo was taken but she’s just as cute.




7 thoughts on “So: love love love

  1. Beautiful post, Julie! I’ve struggled since moving to NYC because this is a place where eye contact and smiles to strangers while walking down the street are not the norm…I let those natural tendencies in me go for a while, but lately started acting on them again. And it’s amazing how the world opens up with even something as simple as a smile…and of course it just makes me want to do even more. Despite some of the ugliness that goes on in the world, simple acts of love go a long way. 🙂

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