Sow: Welcome to Mayvember

I’m amazed that I can actually type after this evening’s smooth edge and trim removal. Bang bang bang with the hammer on the crowbar. For a couple of hours. My wrists are still vibrating. The good news is that there is officially no more trim or smooth edge to be removed. Tomorrow morning when it’s light, I’ll re-vacuum the floor with the shop vac and then the regular vacuum in that back bedroom to get up any remaining 47-year old dust and grime.

Tomorrow night will be about moving furniture out of the lounge and our mattress on the floor will relocate to the living room. We just need to make sure everything is ready for the bamboo dudes. Saturday everyone—Bruce, the Gs, me—will be outside. Except for the bamboo dudes.

I’ll be weeding the award-winning front yard because I’m a little embarrassed by the quantity and quality of extra plants in the beds. Maybe there will also be time to lie in the sun and take a nap or read a couple of magazines. It would be nice to relax a little bit and enjoy the patio.

That is, IF IT GETS WARM EVER AGAIN. Our crazy North Texas weather has sent the temperatures plummeting. Right now it’s 43°F (that’s 6°C), there’s a 40% chance of rain, big gusts of wind, and the temperature will drop to 40*F.


Welcome to Mayvember                    (Image courtesy of WeatherBug)

The local news has dubbed this storm Mayvember (get it: May + November) because it is just like our late fall weather tonight. I’m a little worried about the Urban Farm, mostly because I saw three good sized baby tomatoes that weren’t there yesterday along with the bounty of blossoms. The plants are almost as tall as the tomatoes cages. They are beautiful and look like the harvest could be awesome.

We’ve also got snow peas now. It’s like everything is suddenly happening. And that’s why I’m stressed.

So Bruce and I covered everything with frost cloth. Those frost cloths are certainly getting a lot of use, unfortunately. We’ll just have to hope for the best (and no freeze) and for warmer days ahead.

PS: Guinness seems a lot better. The swelling on his mouth is down and he actually let me have a peek at the tooth. The antibiotics are working. I may need some of his giant anti-inflamatories tomorrow!


So: cleaned up


It’s a dog’s life at the Mortroski Midcentury. Much of this weekend was spent outside, going for long walks, riding in the truck, rolling in the grass and dirt. It did, however culminate in the dreaded Sunday night bath, so there are now three pouty, but clean and fresh smelling hounds in the house. Brushing will commence in the am post walk.


It was also a weekend for getting things back to what is normal around here. The living/dining room is now fabulous with trim and a new bamboo floor. All it needs is a bit of white paint on the trim and we are done.



As you can see from Bruce’s photos we are not afraid of color. Yet it’s all working together like we planned it. Ok, Bruce planned it.

Speaking of Bruce, he decided that the composter was not a sufficient birthday gift for me so he got me some trellises that I admired but didn’t buy. I had been talking about them for a while…


I think the peas and beans will enjoy the pretty trellises and they will add lots of interest to the garden.

I planted the plants that Lisa gave me and shared some of the extras with my neighbor who enjoys gardening. She was pretty excited that I was sharing and I know she’ll take good care of them.

And I got the taxes submitted!

A great weekend all around.