So: donkey show

image from event invitation

Tonight Bruce and I went out on a weeknight date night. While usually we head to the Granada Theater to see a band from the 1980s like the Psychedelic Furs, Adam Ant, or Peter Murphy (next month), this time we went to a small theater near Southern Methodist University (SMU).

We pulled into a strip mall parking lot filled with an assortment of Priuses (is that the correct plural, Brandy?), Subarus, and some fancier German SUVs. We enjoyed live music, a lovely catered dinner from the Dream Cafe, several comedians, surrounded by plenty of politicians.

You see, we were at a fundraising event for the Far North Dallas and Richardson Democrats (hence, the donkey reference).

Yes, there are Democrats in Texas, contrary to popular belief. It’s a little more challenging to fly your freak flag here in Dallas compared to Northern California, but if tonight’s event proved anything to me, it’s that there are more like minded individuals here.