So: in praise of routine

After this extended break, it’s never been so obvious to me why people say they need routine when they retire. Or when they freelance.

I was off from December 21 until today and while my to-do list shrank substantially, my puttering around the house and urban farm was anything but routine. If the 3G Network hadn’t insisted upon their morning ramble around the neighborhood, I probably would have been pajama clad for the entire day. Eating during the day consisted of grazing upon leftover party food whenever I felt like it. Coffee consumption was at an all-time high for my post-college life. I have no magazines left to read until the February issues and downloads are available.

Now back at the office and despite my goal of improved punctuality, I puttered around here for the first hour of my day. Chatting with co-workers, distributing a few wayward holiday cards, watering plants (they aren’t even mine, but for some reason, my office is where everyone’s unwanted plants find a new home), dropping off already read magazines, etc.

And I need to figure out my 2013 routine. When to write this blog (and other non-work-related writing). When to schedule my workouts so they don’t fall by the wayside like they did this fall. When to schedule my various extra-curicular activities. And when not to over-schedule and just rest. I’d even like to explore taking some technology time-outs.

Some people set their resolutions and goals on New Year’s Day, but I generally use the week to assess and ease into a new year. One thing I always do: I jumpstart the health goals on January 2 by returning to healthy eating, drinking more water, reducing caffeine. This year, I’ll return to the gym this weekend, not today. I plan to get my vision board for 2013 done by Friday end of day.

A new year means a fresh start. A new routine. But what I like about 2013 so far is what a paper supplier’s card called it: LUCKY 13. It seems as if there’s something magical about to happen and I like it.