So: modern technology

It’s pretty impressive that no matter where I am I can work. A hotel. An office. A plane. A house. They’re all the same.

Well, kind of.

While I spent today working at my friend’s dining room table and I got tons done in a 9 hour period, the thing I missed was seeing people.

Sure, I talked on the phone. Answered plenty of emails. Had meetings. Did necessary things. It was a highly productive day.

However, I found myself thinking of naps. Watching tv. Reading a book. Part of that was because it was dark and rainy. Another part was because I was tired from my traveling adventures and meetings. But truly it was because I was alone.

With no people around, I lost track of time and it was noon before I knew it. I got lots done. But I missed having people pop by to say hi and tell me about their tomatoes. Or kids. Or dogs. Or the book they finished last night. Or where they were going for the weekend.

I missed the interaction. Often it signals switching tasks for me. But today, I soldiered on from a dining room table in Toronto. And waited for a 5 year old to blow the quitting time whistle.

PS: Bruce is writing tomorrow’s post. Not sure what he’s going to say so tune in. I’m going to! I’ll be taking tomorrow off for a girls’ day break with two dear friends and will resume regular programming on Sunday.